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Monday, February 4, 2013

Through A Child's Eyes-2 Grief Books for Children

Tear Soup: A Recipe for Healing After a Loss by PatSchwiebert and Chuck DeKlylen; Illustrated byTayler Bills.  The story follows Grandy, an old, wise woman and how she copes with grief.  In the book Grandy makes a giant pot of tear soup--an analogy to the size of her grief.  The book is beautifully illustrated and that will draw in the younger family members, but the story told is more sophisticated and palatable for adults.  

I have given it to families to share with their children to help them understand death and grieving and the adults have gained much from reading it to their children. In additon, bBecause of its ease of reading it is good for someone in the early stages of grief who is having trouble concentrating and reading anything lengthy.
Saying Good-bye to Grandma, by Jane Resh Thomas.  This book tells the story of seven-year old Susie and her first experience with death, grief, and the traditional mourning process.  It is a good, straight-forward explanation for the child who is asking what's going to happen.  This is a good book to read with your child to encourage questions and start a conversation.  Throughout the book the love of the family is evident and this in itself is comforting.

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